We Have 28 Years Of Construction, Electrical And HVAC Work

Haldus Inc. SRL is a Hiieko AS Company


We specialize in the installation and maintenance of solar panels. We offer private and business customers complete solutions for roofs and land parks to ensure maximum productivity. In cooperation with the latest solar energy technology providers, we create the optimal solution for our customers and the maximum return on investment.


Today, solar panels are one of the most powerful and free natural resources. A solar panel is a set of elements with photovoltaic materials that convert solar energy into direct electricity. This electricity is then converted to alternating current.

Solar panel solutions are a great way to reduce electricity bills and save money. At the same time, you are doing your part in the fight against global warming – solar energy is the cleanest renewable source of pollution-free energy. Solar panels help reduce the carbon footprint and mitigate climate change.

The price of electricity is rising year by year. The installation of a solar power plant can protect you from rising prices. Solar panels are designed to produce energy even on cloudy days: electricity is generated as long as there is light.


Our comprehensive quality management and commitment to improvement deliver high quality and reliable products at an affordable price. All Autarco components are developed in-house and work seamlessly together for the best performance.

  • High performance: our total solution approach makes for the best performing systems possible, with inverters that are small and silent
  • Reliable: our products are designed with a rigorous focus on reliability, optimal power conversion and environmental sustainability
  • Value for money: combining performance and reliability and offering a total solution at the best price possible