At the end of August we will release new firmware for the WiFi-Stick-D. This new firmware makes it possible to read out multiple inverters simultaneously with one stick. Therefore this can be a replacement for the LAN-Box for locations with multiple inverters and a good WiFi signal.

For locations with multiple inverters where no WiFi connection is possible, the LAN-Box remains the best monitoring option.

An additional advantage of the WiFi Stick-D is that two-way communication is possible and the settings of the inverters can be remotely adjusted.

Connector cables now available

Autarco connector cables are now available. These cables are equipped with EVO-2 Stäubli connectors and are ideal for extending a string when the cables of two succeeding solar panels are insufficient.

These connector cables are available in two variants:

S4.SC6-SYMM-B-EVO2.1: 2.55m length (suitable for Matrix Symmetrical)

S4.SC6-UNI-B-EVO2.1: 1.60m length (suitable for Matrix Universal)

These cables can be ordered from Helios by adding them to the bill of materials.

Generate additional income by selling the kWh guarantee and O&M packages

It is now possible to generate additional income through the sale of O&M packages and the kWh guarantee.
For every kWh guarantee sold, Autarco pays a commission of 10% of the total guarantee cost to the dealer. If the system achieves an Energy Performance Index (EPI) score of 100% during the guarantee period, you receive an additional performance bonus of another 10%.

As an Autarco dealer, you can therefore benefit from additional income and increase your total net profit by up to 40%.

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